Town Council Grants

If you would like to apply for a town council grant, please read the guidelines below and then complete the online application form you'll find on this page. 

  • The Community Services Committee, at which applications are discussed, will meet six times in any financial year.
  • Applications must be received three weeks prior to an appropriate meeting.
  • In exceptional circumstances the Town Council may choose to support an organisation for more than one year, subject to current legislation and within the term of the current Administration.
  • The organisation must be non-profit making.
  • The Town Council will not support an application for an individual seeking financial backing.
  • The organisation must be one that is in some way benefits the local community and there must be an indication of what percentage of members/beneficiaries are residents of Weston-super-Mare.
  • The organisation must demonstrate a clear need for financial support.
  • The organisation must supply evidence and supporting documentation of having sought financial backing from other sponsors.
  • A condition of the application is that the organisation applying must submit a trading account and balance sheet for the last financial year, including existing bank/building society accounts.
  • Organisations just starting up must submit basic financial information.
  • The Committee would appreciate feedback on the outcome of any venture sponsored by the Town Council.
  • In the event of a project/scheme/venture not preceding the donation should be returned to the Town Council for redistribution to another organisation.
  • There is no upper or lower figure set for the amount of any donation, but generally they will be restricted to a level of £1,000.
  • If a donation is granted to an organisation the Town Council would wish to receive recognition of their support.
  • The organisation will receive notice of the outcome of their application within three weeks of the meeting having taken place.
  • The Town Council will request a receipt from the organisation for any donation received.
  • If requested, the organisation must be able to provide evidence to the Town Council of how the donation was actually spent.
  • If the grant or donation is £2,000 or above then a report must be submitted to the Town Council following the use of the funds.
  • Grants will not be made retrospectively.
  • Grant applications will not be accepted from bodies which are either companies limited by shares or local authorities and bodies owned or controlled by them; and priority for grant applications will be given to small local organisations.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to apply by post, please download this form and return it to us at our address.  Download grant application form.


Grant Scheme
This application form is necessarily general in nature and not all questions are appropriate to all organisations. However, all organisations should attempt to use the form to indicate the type of activities they are engaged in and to demonstrate financial need. If parts of the form are felt to be inappropriate a detailed case can be made in the general and specific comments section below.

Form of Grant
The scheme is not intended as even a partial substitute for fund raising by local organisations. The scheme is intended to assist organisations where fund raising is difficult or who are just commencing activities.

Application Form
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