Meet the Mayor

The Mayor and Mayoress of Weston-super-Mare are Councillor Mrs Jos Holder and  Councillor Mrs Roz Willis.

The Mayor's office is in Grove House, which is situated in the historic Grove Park. The 17th Century building houses portraits of previous Town Mayors. The Mayor's Parlour is a working office with insignia to be used during civic events.

You can view the Mayor's diary online and if you would like the Town Mayor and Mayoress to support, open or attend your event, please phone or email the Town Mayor's Civic Officer.


The Town Mayor's chosen charities:

The Town Mayor's chosen charities:


EnergEyes is a sports and social club for the younger blind and visually impaired. It was formed on 23rd June 2011 under the umbrella of the registered charity, Vision North Somerset. As from 1st June 2013 it became a small charity its own right. Most visually impaired people find it difficult to attend venues and sporting facilities without assistance.

EnergEyes volunteers provide transport, organise days out, holidays plus many other varied sporting and social challenges. Due to their disability many visually impaired people are unable to find employment and any money raised helps to pay for transport and subsidises some of the events.

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People works hard to raises funds across the country to support the deaf. They train dogs to alert deaf people to the sounds they would otherwise miss. This could include the ringing of a door bell or even a fire alarm which could prevent a serious accident. Deafness can be a very isolating disability. A hearing dog can give a deaf person a newfound sense of independence and confidence that they didn’t have before. At the moment, we have over 900 working hearing dog partnerships across the UK. The cost to train and support each hearing dog throughout their lifetime is £40,000 .

The Mayor is pleased to nominate these Charities and hopes you will give them your support. If you would like to contribute to the Mayor's Charity Fund, please contact the Mayor's Civic Officer, on 01934 632567 or  

Please make cheques payable to ‘ The Town Mayor’s Charity Fund’