They went Fishing but ended up on Dry Land

Weston Super Mare volunteer Lifeboat crew’s Sunday afternoon was interrupted by the sound of their pagers for the first time in 2016. For a brand new volunteer from a long lifeboat family this was his first shout.

At 12.40, Milford Haven Coastguard paged the volunteer crew to assist a reported stranded vessel between Weston and Clevedon, suspected to be around the Langford Grounds area.

Within minutes the shore crew made the BV launching vehicle of the lifeboat D696 “Anna Stock”, ready for a low water launch. With low tide at 12.45 the crew assembled at the water’s edge behind Marine Lake. This shout was a first for new crewman Shane Wells, a very proud moment for his father Senior Helmsmen Terry Wells, who was in charge of the lifeboat throughout the call.

D696 “Anna Stock” made way towards Clevedon, with the crew on lookout for the stranded vessel. Shortly after passing Sand Point, the Lifeboat crew spotted a large vessel aground on Langford Grounds sandbank. The helmsmen sent his crew ashore to make sure all people on board were safe and well. The crew’s next task was to make sure the 33ft Fishing Boat hadn’t been damaged and was able to float again once the tide came back in. Luckily for all involved the boat hadn’t been damaged and would be able to make its own way back to the River Usk in Newport, once the tide allowed.

The decision was made between the Milford Haven Coastguard and the Helmsman of D696 “Anna Stock”, that the Lifeboat would stay on scene with the aground boat until it was floating and making its way back to its home port. Once the boat was floating again two hours later, the Lifeboat escorted the vessel for a time to double check everything was ok. At 16.00 the RNLI volunteers left the boat in the Bristol Channel and made their way back to station.

The BV Launching Vehicle and D696 were made ready once again for service by the shore crew.
The Volunteer Crew then stood down at 17.30 and returned home to their Sunday Lunches

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