Weston Town Council are currently seeking a passionate and dignified individual to join as the official Macebearer. This exceptional role revives the timeless tradition of the mace, harking back to medieval England when it was wielded by a bodyguard to protect dignitaries during ceremonial functions.

The Macebearer will play a pivotal role in supporting the Town Mayor and ensuring that civic processions are impeccably ordered and conducted. Moreover, they will have the honour of leading processions, carrying the symbolic and historical ceremonial Mace at various prestigious Civic events hosted by the Town Council. The mace also represents the crown and through it the law, reminding all politicians, be they high and mighty in Parliament or more humble local councillors, that we are all in office under the law and none is above it.

Weston Town Council is delighted to introduce this extraordinary job opportunity to the community,” said The Mayor “The Macebearer will not only carry the weight of the mace but also bear the responsibility of upholding and preserving the traditions and protocols that define our town’s civic identity.”

The ideal candidate for this esteemed position is not limited by age, gender, or background. Instead, they must possess the intrinsic qualities that befit this role. Essential attributes include a dignified bearing, unwavering confidence in dealing with individuals at all levels, and a deep appreciation for the rich history and cultural significance of ceremonial maces.

In return for their dedication and commitment, the chosen Macebearer will be provided with a distinctive uniform, symbolising their esteemed role within the civic team.

Candidates interested in applying for this distinctive position are encouraged to submit their applications to https://wsm-tc.gov.uk/town-council-people/join-us/ . The deadline for applications is 11th September.