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Our Climate Commitment

Tackling climate change at a local level

Our objective is to be Carbon Neutral by 2030 or sooner.

We understand that a local change can make a global difference. We are paying attention to global warming, wildlife extinction and pollution. Weston Town Council recognises the climate emergency as the defining issue of our times.

Also, we will investigate and challenge inaction by those in power. We will inform our community about threats to the environment based on scientific facts, not driven by commercial or political interests.

We will find the best methods by consulting experts on how we can do our part in these crises and we will educate our community.

We plan to plant at least 10,000 trees by 2023 and is creating bee-friendly areas in all neighbourhoods. We are also researching ways to raise funds for making our buildings and vehicles as green as possible.

Town Council is committed to reducing the Town Council’s net carbon emissions to zero by 2030 and the Town Council have agreed:

  1. To review and update the Council’s 2005 Environment Policy
  2. To undertake ‘rewilding’ where appropriate on its land to support biodiversity
  3. To commission a professional Carbon Audit of all the Town Council’s services and activities
  4. To also commission a step by step ‘Road Map’ of how the council will move to net-zero by 2030
  5. To organise a public meeting led by Chris Sperring, naturalist and broadcaster

These are the first steps and we plan to do much more.

The idea of being carbon neutral is scary for many people as it involves significate change. However, a carbon-neutral town has benefits for everybody and we hope you can join us in our ambition.

Our Climate Change Facebook Conversations

Action on climate change talks – The hot topic. 

The aim of these monthly Facebook live broadcast talks is to bring experts on climate change to the Weston-super-Mare audience. To create impactful change to personal behaviours and ideas for the town as a whole. The ambition is that these talks will bring together community groups to work in partnership on projects for environmental change. In alignment with our ‘Cleaner and greener’ commitment in the town council strategy:

Cleaner and Greener 

To work with the local community and partners to ensure that the town and its wards become a cleaner and greener place to live and work protecting and enhancing the environment.

Leading thinkers in, environmental science, nature, wellbeing, biofuels, recycling, plastic, green energy, carbon etc. will be researched and invited to give a 20min talk on Zoom broadcast to Facebook. In the Zoom room with them will be a host who will ask them pre-sort questions and live questions that are sent in as comments on Facebook. This will be broadcast of the Town Council’s Facebook page and the whole event will last an hour. To find out when these are on, please join our newsletter.

To apply to speak please emails becky.walsh@wsm-tc.gov.uk.

Please enjoy our blog posts from us and our partners for how you can personally make changes that make a difference.

Climate Commitment Events

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