Forest of Avon Trust are giving away free trees in Weston-super-Mare!
We’re working with Weston Tree and Plant Group and We SEE Trees Community Tree Nursery to host a tree giveaway and provide people in the local community with the opportunity to pick up a free tree whip to plant in their garden.
We’ll have a variety of fruit and native trees and will be on hand to chat to you about how to plant and take care of your trees.
Where: We SEE Trees Community Tree Nursery, Maltlands Weston-super-Mare, BS22 7DG
When: Tuesday 5th December, 10am – 3pm (or until we run out)
See you there!
This giveaway has been made possible thanks to funding from The Big Give.

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Promise of trees. By Weston Tree and Planting Group Member Peter Archer

Tender in youth, they reach up with the promise of growth. Roots form, 

binding the soil and bringing together those who look on.

At first glance, trees provide a welcome detour in a townscape dominated 

by bricks and stone and cars. But, from the beginning, they have a 

calming presence and soon display their full natural beauty.

Venerated and through time bestowed with mystical properties, trees are 

now praised as “miracle machines” in the long overdue fight back against 

climate change. They lock up and store harmful carbon, while removing 

pollution, improving air quality and producing the oxygen we breathe.

However, they have much more to offer. Increasingly, we are realising 

that planting a tree not only nurtures the environment, it cultivates a 

sense of community and feeling of belonging which many of us surely 


Caring for newly planted trees – watering and protecting them from 

vandals – promotes togetherness and is a shared purpose. Simply planting 

or adopting a tree empowers the community. It becomes a community-led 

project, bonding neighbours who may otherwise not get to know each 


Taking possession and responsibility for a tree in your neighbourhood is 

about standing up for community and what belongs to us all.

Sadly, vulnerable saplings are sometimes vandalised by the disaffected. 

Such seemingly wanton damage evokes rage and disbelief. But emotions 

must be contained and energy channelled into building a greater sense of 


Remember, when we harm a tree, we harm ourselves.

Planting trees is an important part of place-making. It enhances 

neighbourhoods and makes your street a nicer – and better – place to 


Trees lining a street improve the appearance of housing and can boost 

property values. Also, motorists tend to reduce speed in tree-lined 

streets, which muffle traffic noise.

Urban architecture in shopping areas and business parks is softened by 

trees, which lift the spirits and enhance an otherwise everyday 

experience. People prefer working and shopping in areas planted with 

trees, so they work more productively or shop for longer, boosting 


Shop staff and business owners can be enlisted to adopt or sponsor a 

tree, widening and strengthening community involvement.

By encouraging civic pride, tree-planting can have knock-on effects. For 

example, it can reduce littering, or result in litter-picking, as 

residents care more for their surroundings. Better interaction with 

neighbours can also raise mutual respect and improve relationships.

As trees mature they attract wildlife. They provide a habitat for birds, 

insects and squirrels, restoring nature and bringing a little of the 

countryside into town.

Trees make us feel good. Even if we are not consciously aware of it, 

they improve emotional wellbeing, as well as physical health. Chemicals 

are emitted that reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve 


And if we feel good, we can enjoy our surroundings and celebrate being 

part of a caring community.

Planting a tree not only nurtures the environment, it cultivates a sense 

of community.