Dog Waste Bins

Dog poo BinWe maintain dozens of dog waste bins throughout Weston-super-Mare, the table below gives the locations.

Our bins are clearly marked. If you would like to report a problem with a dog waste bin, please let us have the number. We empty our own bins as we found this was a more cost-effective and efficient service.

Number Ward Location
1 Worlebury Prescot Close, footpath to woods BS22 9QN
6/9 Worlebury Worlebury Hill Road, @ spur in road around Golf course BS22 9TQ
7 Worlebury Pilgrims way, Footpath BS22 9EQ
17 North Worle Ebdon Road corner of Lyefield Rd BS22 9PD
11/54 North Worle Cycle path @ Hobbiton Road – end of cul-de-sac BS22 7HP
55/56 North Worle Spinners End Weston-super-Mare BS22 7HJ on footpath
14/15 North Worle The Saffrons, near the grass area BS22 7DP
18 South Worle Corner of Kent Avenue BS24 7TH
20 South Worle Grass area, opposite Lark Road BS22 8UZ
21 South Worle Woodpecker Drive / Starling Close BS22 8SN
22/40 Winterstoke Greengage Close, cycle path, 2x bins next to each other BS22 8GG
23 Winterstoke Maltlands Road, Plumley Park footpath BS22 8QS
24 Winterstoke Cycle path, off The Swallows, by pond BS22 8LR
26 Milton Locking Road, opposite Farm foods BS22 8NH
29 Worlebury Milton Brow BS22 8BZ
31 Hillside Manor Road, grass verge next to bus stop BS23 2SS
63/64 Hillside Shrubbery Terrace, on green area BS23 2JZ
35 Central Ellenborough Park East, located in park BS23 1XL
37 Uphill Links Road, entrance to boat yard BS23 4XX
39 Bournville Lane leading from Exton to Oldmixon Crescent BS24 9EH
42, 44, 4 Bournville Millennium Green, Langford Road BS23 3PQ
45/46 Bournville Drove Road Recreation Ground, Sunnyside Road North on grass area. Lamp post 6 BS23 3PA
27 Milton Lane from Oakford Avenue to Milton Road BS23 3JL
57 Winterstoke Hutton Moor Lane
58 Winterstoke The Runway by bus stop BS24 8DL
59 Uphill Laurel Drive BS23 4SN
61/47 Milton Col. Stephens Way BS23 2SW
62 Winterstoke Heligen Walk near bridge BS24 7JG
65 Hillside Lamp post 8 on South Road, the corner of Trinity Road. Opposite Holy Trinity Church. South Rd, Weston-super-Mare BS23 2HD
66 Winterstoke Lamp post 10 at the end of Locking Moor Rd BS22 8PQ
89/90 South Worle Lamp post on Scott Elm drive near St Anne’s School, 1 Scot Elm Dr, Weston-super-Mare BS24 7JU
67 Hillside Wood Lane on post BS23 2TR
68 Milton Charter Road BS22 8LN
69 Winterstoke Entrance to Maltlands play area BS22 8QS