Town Council Grants

If you would like to apply for a town council grant, please read the guidelines below and then complete the online application form you’ll find on this page.

Process for Grant Applications

  • The Community Services Committee, at which applications are discussed, normally will consider grant applications three times in any financial year.
  • Applications may be made by post or online using the form on the Town Council’s website.
  • Applications which are not received at least three weeks prior to an appropriate meeting may not be considered.
  • There is no upper or lower figure set for the amount of any grant aid, but generally they will be restricted to a maximum of £1,000.
  • Grant applications in successive years from the same organisation for the same or a similar purpose will not normally be grant aided.
  • The organisation will receive notice of the outcome of their application within three weeks of the meeting having taken place.
  • The Council reserves the right to request further information before making a decision.

Eligibility for Grant

  • To be eligible for grant aid the applicant organisation must be a charity or non-profit making body and must be one that is in some way benefits the local community.
  • Applications will not be accepted from:
    • Bodies which are companies limited by shares or limited liability partnerships.
    • Local authorities and bodies owned or controlled by them;
    • Political organisations – unless the application clearly demonstrates benefit to the wider community irrespective of political affiliation;
    • Individuals seeking financial backing.
  • Applications will not be considered from “upward funders”, i.e. local groups whose fundraising is sent to the central headquarters for redistribution.
  • Applications will not be considered from groups whose purpose is to redistribute funds as grants to or sponsorship of other organisations or individuals.
  • Grants will not be made retrospectively.
  • The organisation applying must submit a trading account and balance sheet for the last financial year, including existing bank/building society statements.

Content of Grant Applications

  • Organisations just starting up must submit basic financial information to the satisfaction of the Town Council.
  • The organisation should give a clear justification of why it needs grant aid.
  • Applications must include an indication of what percentage or number of members/ beneficiaries are residents of Weston-super-Mare.
  • The organisation must supply evidence of any application made (whether granted or not) for financial backing from other sources and of the outcome.

Criteria for Determination of Grant Applications

  • All applications which meet the eligibility and content requirements will be decided by elected members of the Council using their discretion, taking into account the following criteria:
    • Is the organisation one either based in the civil parish of Weston-super-Mare (including Worle and Uphill) or serving a significant proportion of residents of the town?
    • What benefit does it provide to the town and its inhabitants?
    • Would there be a significant adverse effect on the town if the applicants were unable to continue or were hampered by lack of funds?
    • How much resource does the organisation have in total, and how much money is in its balance sheet/bank balance?
    • Is there a more appropriate source of funding the organisation should be directed to, thus relieving the demand on the Town Council’s resources?
    • Have other sources of funding been secured or are they being sought for the project?
    • Has the organisation received similar grant funding in recent years?
    • Is the organisation a new start up?
    • Is the application for grant to cover salaries or staff costs?

Conditions of Grants Awarded

  • The Town Council will request a receipt from the organisation for any donation received.
  • The organisation must on request provide feedback on the outcome of any venture grant aided by the Town Council.
  • In the event of a project/scheme/venture not preceding the donation should be returned to the Town Council for redistribution to another organisation.
  • Recognition of the Town Council’s support must be given on all printed and electronic material produced by the organisation.
  • If requested, the organisation must be able to provide receipts, invoices and other evidence to the Town Council of how the donation was actually spent.
  • If the grant is £1,000 or above then a report must be submitted to the Town Council following the use of the funds.

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Grant application form & criteria document 2022-2023