Annual Reports & Expenditure

The 2020 / 2021 expenditure budget is £2,986,522, of which £2,567,270 will be collected via the precept.  This equates to £98.37 per year on an average, Band D, household. Within this overall budget, the council has allocated resources to fund projects identified within the strategic plan for this year.  Within its financial management, the council will maintain adequate levels of general reserves in line with its financial regulations and will where appropriate maintain a scheme of earmarked reserves which can be used as required to help fund the key strategies and any future major projects identified in the Town Councils strategy.

Your rights and our responsibilities

The Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014 (the Act) governs the work of auditors appointed to smaller authorities. This summary explains the provisions contained in Sections 26 and 27 of the Act. The Act and the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2015 also cover the duties, responsibilities and rights of smaller authorities, other organisations and the public concerning the accounts being audited.

As a local elector, or an interested person, you have certain legal rights in respect of the accounting records of smaller authorities. As an interested person you can inspect accounting records and related documents. If you are a local government elector for the area to which the accounts relate you can also ask questions about the accounts and object to them. You do not have to pay directly for exercising your rights. However, any resulting costs incurred by the smaller authority form part of its running costs. Therefore, indirectly, local residents pay for the cost of you exercising your rights through their council tax.

The Council’s main funding comes via its precept – this is a levy made and collected via the council tax charge payable by Weston super Mare residents. Other income is sourced through service provision and external grants.

Town Council Purchases

We’re always looking for opportunities to improve Weston-super-Mare in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way. Part of this involves being open and honest about our finances, so you can find all the details of our purchases for more than £500 in this section.

For the Year 2019/20

Finance & Audit Reports

Finance and Audit Year Ending March 2020

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Finance and Audit Year Ending March 2019

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Finance and Audit Year Ending March 2018

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