Christmas Lights

Christmas lights in Weston super Mare High Street

Weston Town Council and the Business Improvement District (BID), organise the Christmas tree and official lights switch-on event annually.

During the summer 2019 Weston Town Council took to the streets and online with a survey. You asked for better Christmas lights and we listened.

In 2019 we have more lights than ever in the theme of stars with warm and white lights. We covered more areas of the town with the inclusion of Orchard Street for the first time in many years. The Blakehay Theatre and Weston Museum will also have had new lights.

Despite the luxurious feel of these lights we have been able to provide them to the town with the same amount of money as in previous years.

Now in 2024 we are upgrading the lights again.

We asked for your thoughts on Christmas lights for 2024 and beyond. This is what we learnt from our survey – 
166 responses were collected: –
Theme and Vibe
The most preferred types of light displays were traditional (72.15%) and modern (27.85%). Favourite colour schemes included multi-coloured, white, and colour themes matching the seaside.
It was felt, that while the lights help create festive cheer, there was overwhelming feedback that the displays need expansion and upgrade to properly showcase the town during the Christmas season.
Key priorities are: more lights overall with focus on bright colours, higher quality displays with modern elements, decor expanded across more of the town including highlighting key locations and landmarks that embody Weston-super-Mare’s unique seaside heritage and charm.
Traditional Christmas colours remain very popular, especially combinations of red, green, white, and gold lights. However, there is also strong interest in multi-coloured displays and variety. Emphasis is often placed on warm, cosy lighting rather than cold white light. Suggestions aligned with Weston’s coastal locale include blue and white or blue and silver schemes.
A vibrant, exciting Winter Wonderland display with some integration of the town’s seaside character and history would likely be very well-received based on this feedback.
94.9% felt the lights should be energy efficient and eco-friendly. Most wanted them displayed from late November to early January.
87.33% felt having a public Christmas tree was important.
The top suggested locations for improved displays are:
1. Seafront/Promenade (by far the most commonly suggested area, reflecting the seaside locale)
2. Boulevard (major gateway area into town centre with beautiful tree displays in the past)
3. High Street (current focal point but feedback suggests it could be expanded/enhanced)
While there is no consensus on a specific religion for the lights’ themes, there is strong feedback that the displays should by default remain embracing of a cultural diversity, rather than focus on one faith. Many seem to view broader tradition and nostalgia as more meaningful than singling out any belief system or identity. Striking an inclusive tone in the displays therefore would likely resonate with a wide cross-section of locals.
The Christmas lights survey reveals that Weston-super-Mare residents welcome expansive, vibrant lighting displays and look to the festive decor to enhance community spirit. There is strong nostalgia for classic elements like warm white lights and nativity themes while embracing new technology like interactivity. Expanding the visual excitement beyond the high street is viewed as an important upgrade to showcase more areas. Upgraded Christmas lights embracing both progress and nostalgia can become a hallmark tradition for locals while captivating tourists when done creatively. The community’s visions align on sparking civic pride through immersive winter lighting that incorporates the town’s special character.