Weston Town Council Team

The Council officers are a team of non-elected paid staff, managed by the Town Clerk, responsible for implementing the policies set by the Council and carrying out the day-to day running of the Town Council’s services.

There are 42 permanent staff, plus casual and seasonal staff, to advise and support the 31 elected town councillors.

Our Senior Management Team consists of the Town Clerk, the Deputy Town Clerk and an Assistant Town Clerk.

Please find below a full list of the key Town Council staff who manage and operate our services on behalf of councillors below.

Senior Management

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
The Town Clerk Malcolm L Nicholson LL.B, DMS, ASLCC
Deputy Town Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer Sarah Pearse Fd, AAT, FSLCC
Assistant Town Clerk (Operational services) Fay Powell

Grove House

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Committee Officer and Office Manager Sam Bishop
Civic Officer Rebecca Saunders
Town Clerk’s Secretary Alison Ashford
Administration Officer, General Enquiries Julie Smith

Grove Lodge

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Finance Officer Fiona Walsh
Finance Assistant Karen Clark
Senior Development Officer Molly Maher
Communications and Marketing Officer Becky Walsh
Community Wellbeing Development Officer Amy Bond
Climate and Community Development Officer Andy Chappel

Grounds Team

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Grounds Manager Sharon Miles
Community & Grounds Administrator Zoe Scott

Youth Services (operated by the YMCA)

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Senior Lead Youth Worker Ali Waller

Blakehay Theatre

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Blakehay Theatre Manager Sally Heath
Theatre Enquiries

Weston Museum

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Museum Operations Manager Lisa Clemons
Customer Services Assistant Agata Taylor
Catering Supervisor Peter Kaye
Volunteer  Supervisor Graham Meikle
Learning and Events Officer Katherine Bell
Learning and Events Co-ordinator Sherry Coles
Heritage & Community Officer Jane Hill
Functions and Customer Services Officer Sophie Sanford
Functions and Events Assistant Triliria Newbury

Tourism (Visit Weston and the VIC)

Job Title Staff Name Email Address
Tourism Manager Jane Murch
Operational Services Manager Matthew Hardy
Tourism Marketing Officer David Peters