Parks & Play Areas

We maintain and look after a total of 21 parks and play areas. Continue reading to discover our recent refurbishment projects.

Hutton Moor Skate Park

This park was refurbished in February 2017. The Town Council worked closely with users of the skate park to ensure that the designs made the most of the space to provide a multi-wheeled facility, that promotes activity and a healthy lifestyle which the whole family can be part of. The development of the skate park was made possible by the award of a £75,000 grant from Sport England to the Town Council, and additional funding was raised by Weston Skate Park Association.

Conniston Green

We know outdoor play for children allows; physical, social, emotional, imaginative and cognitive development. We put a lot of thought into our play areas to give the best fun and learning opportunities for children. Playgrounds allow children to challenge themselves in safety which also improves confidence and social wellbeing.

Slides and swings promote balance and coordination, climbing frames strengthen muscles, and tactile panels help with hand-eye skills.

We look forward to opening this park and welcoming you to it very soon.

Canberra Road

Weston-super-Mare Town Council was delighted to announce the official opening of the newly refurbished children’s play area on Canberra Road in February 2019. The Town Council invested £90,000 into the refurbishment, designed and installed by Proludic, which included the addition of a basket swing, agility trail, multiplay unit, cableway and more! 70 users can enjoy the play area at any given time and it is suitable for children up to 15 years old. The play area now also includes a wheelchair accessible picnic bench for family and friends to gather around, as well as 6 play items designed to deliver good play opportunities for a variety of additional needs, such as a low platform roundabout and play panels.

Ellenborough Park West

Ellenborough Park West is a wellbeing park, allowing for outside yoga, meditation, picnics, events and for children to play. The park will continue to have a ‘No Dogs’ policy, unlike its sister park Ellenborough Park East where dogs are very welcome. We hope to make the park a sanctuary that will enable people to come and sit, read a book, have a picnic with friends and family and generally enjoy this unique space.

Explore Ellenborough Park West

Check out where you can find our Parks & Play Areas on a map

This map shows of all the Play Areas Weston-super-Mare Town Council looks after:

  • Ashcombe Park MAX. Capacity COVID – Upper 16 Lower 15
  • Hutton Moor Skate Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 5
  • Broadway Play MAX. Capacity COVID – 17
  • Jubilee Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 20
  • Broadway Skate Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 3
  • Locking Castle (Maltlands) MAX. Capacity COVID – 25
  • Byron Recreation Ground MAX. Capacity COVID – 18
  • Lynch Farm MAX. Capacity COVID – 6
  • Canberra Road MAX. Capacity COVID – 20
  • Millennium Green MAX. Capacity COVID – 12
  • Castle Batch Lower MAX. Capacity COVID – 15
  • Uphill Junior Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 8
  • Clarence Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 12
  • Uphill Toddler Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 11
  • Coniston Green MAX. Capacity COVID – 18
  • Worle Recreation Ground MAX. Capacity COVID – 8
  • Ellenborough Park East MAX. Capacity COVID – 7
  • Ellenborough Park West – Wellbeing park – No Dogs
  • Wyvern Close MAX. Capacity COVID – 6
  • Grove Park MAX. Capacity COVID – 7