The Honorary Freedom of the Town is to be bestowed upon RNLI Weston-super-Mare, coinciding with the RNLI’s 200th celebration year. The motion to grant this honour was passed at a full Town Council Meeting on November 20th. An official ceremony is scheduled to take place early next year.
Councillor Ciaran Cronnelly, The Mayor of Weston-super-Mare, expressed his sentiments stating, “The honorary freedom of Weston-super-Mare is the greatest honour that our town can bestow on any individual or organisation. The bar for awarding the freedom of our town is exceptionally high, with only four instances recorded since 1937. The last recipient was 40 Commando Royal Marines, ten years ago.”

He went on to highlight the exceptional nature of RNLI Weston-super-Mare, emphasising the selfless dedication of its staff and volunteers who, without seeking recognition, put themselves at risk to save lives. The RNLI has been an integral part of Weston-super-Mare since 1882, becoming woven into the town’s fabric.
“The RNLI Weston-super-Mare is an exceptional organisation, and everyone involved represents the best of us. We are immensely proud of their historic and ongoing work. They have our deepest gratitude for the lives they’ve saved and the impact they’ve had on our community,” Mayor Cronnelly added.

Chris Ware the operations manager at Weston RNLI said “The whole team are extremely honoured and humbled by the news of this award and the kind words said about our team’s efforts to save lives at sea and assist those in need along our coast.
We recognise that this award is not only for our current team but the many Westonians who have been part of our crew and the fund-raising team for well over a hundred years. We are very aware and privileged that we are only the temporary custodians of what is Weston-super-Mare’s lifeboat station.
We are passionate about giving our very best to serve such a wonderful and supportive community. We are also really thankful to our families, friends and employers who support us and allow us the time to do what we do”.

This recognition comes as an acknowledgement of the RNLI’s vital role in safeguarding the lives of those in and around Weston-super-Mare. The official ceremony, scheduled for early next year, will serve as a moment of celebration for the community to express their appreciation and honour the dedicated individuals who have contributed to the safety and well-being of the town.