Weston Town Council Announces Retirement of Town Clerk, Malcolm Nicholson

Weston Town Council is bidding farewell to its dedicated Town Clerk, Malcolm Nicholson, who has decided to retire after 42-year career in local government law and management. This decision follows a long and impactful tenure, during which Malcolm made significant contributions to the town’s well-being and development.

As per the terms of his employment contract, Malcolm Nicholson has given the town council three months’ notice and will officially retire from his position as Town Clerk at the end of January 2024. His departure marks the end of an era in Weston’s local governance.

Malcolm Nicholson expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the council’s staff, with whom he has had the privilege of working since 2009. He commended their hard work, enthusiasm, kindness, and unwavering professionalism throughout his time as Town Clerk. The role of Town Clerk has been both exciting and occasionally challenging, and Malcolm acknowledged the support he received from a dedicated team at all levels, from senior managers to the front line.

Under his guidance, the town council has achieved notable progress and taken a progressive approach to serving the community. Malcolm takes pride in the council’s achievements over the last 14 years, attributing them to the collective efforts of the council’s dedicated and enthusiastic team. He expressed his belief that the town council is well-positioned to continue its mission of improving the lives of the town’s residents.

Cllr Alan Peak said “It has been my pleasure to work with Malcolm over the past 12 years. He will be greatly missed by both staff and Councillors alike. He has led us through good and bad times, in particular the Covid Pandemic. On behalf of my fellow Councillors Malcolm, I would like to thank you for your dedicated service to Weston Town Council, and wish you all the best for your well deserved retirement.”

The Weston Town Council extends its sincere appreciation to Malcolm Nicholson for his dedicated service and the positive impact he has made during his tenure. His contributions to the well-being and development of the town will be remembered and celebrated.