Weston-super-Mare Youth Council enables young people aged 11-21 who either live or attend school in Weston-super-Mare to have a voice and represent their views and the views of their peers on subjects that matter to young people. Youth Councillors are encouraged to use their energy to affect change in a way that they believe in and build their confidence and capability as a group and as individuals.   

Weston-super-Mare Youth Council is managed by YMCA Dulverton Group from YMCA Weston-super-Mare and is supported by the Town Council. The Youth Council was established by the Town Council in 2000 and has had some high-profile successes.

The work of the Youth Council has in the past been essential to the foundation of providing facilities for young people such as a Youth Café and Hutton Moor Skate-Park. As well as distributing grant funding to organisations working with young people and working to fundraise and support the work of Charities such as Crossroads Young Carers, Macmillan Cancer Support and scout groups.                       

The Youth Council are looking for motivated, energetic, passionate young people who would contribute to and benefit from being a part of the Youth Council. The recommendation of young people you think would be suitable and interested would be greatly appreciated. Your help in recruitment for the Youth Council would aid the Youth Council to be more effective and more representative of the young people of Weston-super-Mare.    

Young people involved in the Youth Council can expect to gain experience of decision-making and planning, learn about democratic process, improve their advocacy, communication and teamwork skills and have the opportunity to make a positive contribution to their local community. Experience with the Youth Council has also proved beneficial in supporting young people in their applications to Higher Education and employment.

If you would like any further information on becoming a member of the Youth Council, please ask a member of the youth team, or contact us via the following information:

Officer of the Youth Council – Alli Waller – YMCA Dulverton Group, 

Email: – Alli.Waller@ymca-dg.org