10 Ginkgo biloba trees, commonly known as the ‘maidenhair tree’, were planted along the High Street in Weston-super-Mare. Sadly, five of the trees have been damaged by vandals.

The trees on the High Street are part of the group’s aim to increase canopy as a response to the climate crisis. By planting trees in the High Street it is anticipated that they will provide shade during the increasingly hot summers (Sadiq Khan recently said we should expect potentially 47 degree summer temperatures). They will also help intercept the increasingly heavy rainfall, reducing the stress on the town’s drainage system, and help intercept particulate pollution, improving air quality. Ginkgo biloba, were carefully selected for its shape and suitability to the coastal location.

Weston Tree & Plant Group, which is a community lead group set-up in March 2022 aims to increase tree canopy levels and biodiversity across the town and sees North Somerset Council working in partnership with businesses, community groups and other organisations including Weston-super-Mare Town Council and Weston-super-Mare Civic Society.
The group have said that even though they are sad about the damage to the trees, their community numbers are growing and they will double down on the intention to plant more trees in the Weston super Mare area.

As part of this plan a new tree nursery is being developed at a site in the Maltlands area of the Winterstoke ward. Founder of the tree nursery Emily Burnell has been working with volunteers collecting tree seeds ready for planting to provide more trees for the local area.

To find out more and get involved with the Weston Tree & Plant Group, visit wsmtrees.co.uk.