The Fridge of Free Stuff has moved to a bigger space in the Sovereign centre. The extra room is being used for ‘Hub Zero’ a space to hold climate and sustainability themed events. Including opening the space to be used by climate change groups in Weston-super-Mare.

As part of Weston Town Councils climate emergency commitments, bi-weekly educational talks and workshops will be programmed on a Saturday morning at 10.00am starting with the launch of the new space at 10.00am on 22nd April on Earth Day.

These talks will be hosted by local community and climate change experts. Some talks will be filmed for broadcast on the Town Council social media and website assets, including the Fridge of Free Stuff Facebook page. 

In addition to the talks the space will be open for community meetings and workshops based around climate change, low-carbon diets and sustainability in an effort to empower the community to develop local solutions to making the transition to net zero and a climate-resilient way of living.

The opening of ‘Hub Zero’ is on Earth Day and will include local speakers and an ideas box for things people would like to see actioned in Weston for Climate change. Starting at 10.00am Saturday 22nd April. 

Everyone is welcome.