Some people have a morning routine, a first coffee, a walk with the dog or even yoga. Rituals and habits come in all forms, and for Mayor Sonia Russè … she litter picks! 

The Mayor says ‘I realise litter picking is not exciting but sadly despite the best efforts of many, Weston as with other towns in England continues to suffer compared with those Scotland and Ireland’.

Her efforts strongly echo those of the Town Council, with one of the pillars in their strategy being:

Cleaner and Greener – to work with our communities and partners towards protecting and enhancing the environment in which we all live. Setting an example for promoting and helping to publicise not just the current beach clean initiatives but also those who have adopted streets, clearing litter, gutters and open spaces and making safe the environments used by our communities.  

 The essential need to highlight biodiversity, rewilding and the reduction of waste generation by setting a positive example to our young people who are and will be the future custodians of our town and open spaces.  ​

The Mayor is hoping people will join her on a litter pick during the Great Big Green week on Saturday 24th September & 1st October 11am – 12noon at Big Worle 11 Feniton, Clovelly Rd, Worle, BS22 6LN. This is an informal event, please bring your own bags and litter pickers and gloves. The idea is to support those people who would like to add good habits to their lives and to be an example to those who have one or two not-so-good habits.