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Our next meeting is 19.00 on November 23rd 2022 in the Back room of the Stables Games Room opposite the Playhouse Theatre.

From Weston Tree & plant Group Meeting – 21st September 2022 – Summary and Progress:

Master Composters – sequesters carbon, improves soil structure and nutrient levels and saves money by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Contact: https://www.n-somerset.gov.uk/my-services/bins-recycling/types-waste/garden-waste/composting/master-composters

Street Trees – locations and service checks have been agreed and completed. The match funding has been approved by WSMTC. Organising and ordering to take place for planting in the new year. There is a proposal to create a tree planting sub-committee to take on the roles to make this an annual project.

Community Tree Nursery – North Somerset have agreed to let and clear the Maltlands site to create the nursery. Emily is making progress on organising volunteers. Please go out and collect acorns and any other seeds, and plant them in a pot, so that we can stock the nursery when it opens. Please also complete the Community Tree Nursery survey Community Tree Nurseries National Survey – DISTRIBUTION COPY (smartsurvey.co.uk)

Queen’s Green Canopy – the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative was being extended to the 31st March 2023, this is to allow people to plant trees in memoriam of Her Majesty and add them to the QGC website https://queensgreencanopy.org/

Parklets – WSMTC’s Climate and Community Development Officer will be identifying potential sites for a parklet to be installed in Weston.

Mobile Greenery and sustainable planting – the use of mobile planters will also be explored. WSMTC will also be redesigning the beds and planters they maintain to use drought tolerant, pollinator friendly species to improve sustainability.

Trees and Wellbeing – WSMTC’s Wellbeing Officer will give a presentation on trees and wellbeing at the next Tree Group meeting; 19.00 November 23rd 2022 at The Stables Games Room, Green social prescribing will also be discussed. Natural play is also to be included in the Castle Batch SEND play area.

Funding – WSMTC have approved the funding for street tree planting. They have also agreed to host an account where funds can be held to fund planting projects on an ongoing basis. The Climate Change and Community Development Officer will begin to approach hotels and businesses for donations towards tree planting in Weston.

Website – The Tree Group website www.wsmtrees.co.uk will have its soft launch on November 18th to allow members to view and comment on it at our next meeting.

Next meeting – 19.00 23rd November 2022 @ The Stables Games Room.


This was a well-attended in person meeting at Weston Museum and SP started proceedings by introducing Amy Bond, WSMTC’s new Well-being Officer and Andy Chappel, WSMTC’s new Climate and Community Development Officer. After a quick round of introductions, Cllr Agassiz then invited Kate Eastment and Johnny Boxall to give their presentation on composting.

Master Composters

KE began by informing us what compost is and introducing us to the many benefits of composting such as:

  • • Making soil richer improving its structure and adding more life, providing nutrients which helps your garden grow.
  • • Composting saves money by reducing waste and pollution by preventing the need to transport it to landfill sites with each compost bin reduces landfill by 150kg/year.
  • • A quarter of all households’ compost, reducing the amount of waste they produce by 20-40%.
  • • Compost is a closed loop system that nourishes the soil and provides a nutrient input with a minimal carbon footprint.
  • • North Somerset use the compost created at their sites to compost their own beds.
  • • Compost also sequesters carbon into our soil and reduces the amount of methane created at landfill sites, further mitigating climate change.
  • • Composting also reduces the need for us to buy in compost, saving us up to £200 per year.

Stinky Ditch Nursery on You Tube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRfaSl290IKCCuUwYQEr5ZQ    or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/search/top?q=stinky%20ditch%20nursery

Street Tree Planting

James McCarthy

The CCWG approved the initial funding

JM would like volunteers to form a Street Tree Planting sub-committee and be involved in identifying and deciding where we can plant street trees around the town, in future.

Queen’s Green Canopy

A message was passed on from Gloria Craig, who notified the meeting that due to the sad passing of Queen Elizabeth II, the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative was being extended to the 31st March 2023, this is to allow people to plant trees in memoriam of Her Majesty and add them to the QGC website.

Free tree packs are still available for schools and communities by applying to the Woodland Trust at: Free Trees for Schools and Communities – Woodland Trust.  Applications are now being accepted for trees to be delivered in March 2023.

People can also gift a tree in honour of Her Majesty, by visiting: The Queen’s Green Canopy (queensgreencanopy.org)

Community Tree Nursery

Emily Burnell gave a report on the progress she has made with North Somerset Council on the creation of a community tree nursery. They have agreed to let and clear the Maltlands site. WSMTC are working with Emily to enable to project. Emily has been giving talks and encouraging volunteers to join the project. Please collect and plant seeds so that she has some local provenance seedlings to stock the nursery, when it is ready to open.

There is a national Community Tree Nursery survey. If you take the time to complete, you will receive the Tree Council’s Tree Growers Guide Community Tree Nurseries National Survey – DISTRIBUTION COPY (smartsurvey.co.uk)


Debbie Aptead reviewed her findings on Parklets and said that idVerde were prepared to part fund a parklet if a suitable location could be found. The problems of using parking spaces was discussed and AC was tasked with identifying a location to trial a parklet in Weston.

Mobile Greenery and sustainable planting

Following on from the discussion on parklets, the idea of mobile greenery was discussed in conjunction with the aim of making the flower beds and planters in the town more resilient to climate change and more sustainable. WSMTC have followed this up by starting to design sustainable planting schemes for next year.

Trees and Wellbeing

The topic of trees and wellbeing was introduced to the group, in conjunction with green prescribing and the Social Prescribing Network. It was agreed that various members of the group would connect with each other to move this forward. We also discussed planting one tree for every child in Weston and the Forest School Network – it was agreed to move these topics forward at the next meeting.


SC reported on the funding for the proposed street tree planting and the various possibilities for raising money to support tree planting initiatives around the town. The WSMTC Finance and Procurement Committee have subsequently agreed to match fund this year’s street tree planting budget and review funding for future planting. They have also agreed to allow the council to hold an account where any funds raised can be held for future projects. The Climate Change and Community Development Officer was tasked with approaching hotels and businesses in Weston to start raising funds for this initiative.


Becky Walsh reported that she was creating a website for the group – www.wsmtrees.co.uk . This will be soft launched on November 18th to allow group members to view it before the next meeting.

See you at the Stables Games Room 19.00 on November 23rd

If you would like to join the Weston Tree and Planting Group please join the mailing list to find out about meetings and events https://mailchi.mp/62dc45612bfc/weston-tree-group.


November 23 2022
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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The Stables Games Room
Market House Inn, 129 High St
Weston-super-Mare, BS23 1HN
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