By Mark Bradshaw

Next month we are being visited by friends from Hildesheim, our twin-town, with the aim of restarting the youth exchange programme.

The exchange has been going for decades, and people on both sides are keen to get it going again after COVID.

The idea is that young people (12-17 yo) visit Germany with a couple of youth leaders, stay in the homes of host families around Hildesheim, and a later date the exchange is reversed and we are visited by youth from Hildesheim.

Not all people will have both a young person, and a spare bedroom, traditionally lots of host families don’t even have children, or they long ago flew the nest, so don’t feel you have to get involved in all aspects of the exchange. If you have a kid, or want to host a visitor, please get in touch.

So we can gauge interest please fill this form in if you would be interested in getting involved in any way, that could be as part of the organising team (the more the merrier) a host family if you can spare a bed for a young person for a week or so, if your young person would like to take part and visit Germany, or if you’d just generally like to support the exchange in whatever way you can.

This is a great project, and many young people from Weston and the villages have got lots from it over the years, the opportunity to travel and experience a different culture is almost always a great thing. Form link: