In the architectural tapestry of Weston-super-Mare, few threads are as vibrant and enduring as the legacy of Hans Price. The visionary architect, responsible for more than 800 projects in the town, has left an indelible mark on its streetscapes. Among these, a building of significant prominence and character is currently undergoing a transformation that pays homage to Price’s flamboyant style and work ethic. This restoration is not merely about preserving a structure but is a celebration of the identity and heritage that Price has imparted to Weston. The importance of this Grade Two listed building extends beyond its elaborate Dutch Baroque style, influenced by Price’s travels across Europe and the Spanish architecture he admired. It represents a piece of national heritage, underscoring the need for careful conservation. Weston Town Council’s decision to undertake this project reflects a commitment to maintaining the town’s unique character and making a piece of its history accessible to the public.


Dr David Agassi, chair of the Weston Civic Society, and DR KATE HUDSON MCAULAY, Principal Conservation and Heritage Officer for North Somerset Council, emphasise the building’s architectural significance and the broader campaign to encourage residents and visitors alike to look up and appreciate the rich architectural heritage of Weston-super-Mare. The restoration of this building, with its distinctive materials such as the easy to carve yet quickly deteriorating lytic limestone, is a testament to the meticulous effort and care invested in bringing Hans Price’s vision back to its original glory. An intriguing discovery during the restoration— a sealed envelope and a half penny from the last century hidden under the floorboards—serves as a tangible connection to the past. This coin, now permanently embedded in the building’s structure, symbolises the continuity and enduring legacy of the community’s ties to its heritage.

This project transcends simple restoration; it is a celebration of Weston-super-Mare’s identity, an acknowledgment of the town’s architectural heritage, and a commitment to preserving it for future generations. It stands as a beacon of community pride, showcasing the importance of maintaining our historical landmarks not only for their local significance but for their national importance as well. As the building prepares to serve the community in its new capacity, it is a reminder of the importance of looking after our heritage buildings. They are not just structures; they are the keepers of history, identity, and the collective memory of a town shaped by the visionary hands of Hans Price. This restoration project, therefore, is a mighty achievement for all involved and a source of pride for the residents of Weston-super-Mare, ensuring that Price’s legacy will continue to inspire and enrich the town in the centuries to come.