As we move towards Weston Town Council taking over the lease of the Old Town Quarry site, we would like to invite you to ‘Quarry Conversations’, Tuesday 18th June 7.00pm at Weston Museum.

This event marks the start of a series of community engagement sessions. These sessions will provide an opportunity for residents to voice their ideas and aspirations for the Quarry. If you would like to attend, please email
Weston Town Council has been awarded a substantial grant from the Community Ownership Fund, reflecting confidence in our vision for the Quarry’s future. This funding will support the extensive refurbishment required to reopen the site to the public and sustain its legacy for generations to come.
The renovation will see a flurry of activity, with major building and refurbishment work commencing in summer 2024. Among the highlights is the revamp of the café building, which is hoped to reopen in early summer 2025.
We are committed to transforming the Old Town Quarry into a safe, accessible, and vibrant space that honours its rich natural and cultural heritage and we want the voice of the people of Weston-super-Mare to guide us. ‘Your Quarry, Your voice’.
We encourage everyone to join our mailing list for updates. To attend the first of this special set of ‘Quarry Conversations’, Tuesday 18th June 7.00pm at Weston Museum please email