On Saturday, 2nd March 2024, the Mayor of Weston-super-Mare is running a marathon around Weston to raise much-needed funds for the Weston Foodbank. This unique initiative aims to unite the community in the fight against hunger and support those facing food insecurity in the region.

Mayor’s Marathon Route and Stops:
Mayors marathonThe Mayor’s marathon route will take him through each ward of the parish, making stops at three significant locations along the way. These stops provide an opportunity for residents and supporters to show their encouragement and make contributions. The route details and timings can be found on the official event map.

Mayor’s Training Journey:
Mayor Cllr Ciaran Cronnelly has been diligently preparing for this challenging marathon. Training regularly and rigorously, he has faced the elements, running in rain (often lots of it), and cold weather. While the journey has been demanding, it has also showcased the Mayor’s determination and commitment to this charitable cause.
Mayor Cllr Ciaran Cronnelly shared his training experiences, saying, “Preparing for this marathon has been both physically and mentally demanding, but I’m dedicated to making a difference for the foodbank. There have been some ups and downs, like a swollen ankle and even a moment where I had to call for a ride home after running too far. But the support of the community has been incredible, and it keeps me going.”

Community Support and Donations:
The community of Weston-super-Mare has rallied behind the Mayor’s cause, providing invaluable support throughout his training. He has received training assistance from various local organisations, including Weston-super-Mare Football Club, Park Run, Weston Athletic Club, Champion gymnasts at Weston Gymnastics Centre, local netball clubs, and more. Mayor Cllr Ciaran Cronnelly even ran a session on a treadmill at Anytime Fitness on the Grand Pier, further highlighting the community’s involvement.
In terms of fundraising, the Mayor has already raised an impressive £7,000 for the foodbank through a combination of corporate and personal donations from residents and local businesses. His goal is to reach £10,000 in donations by the end of the marathon.

Partnerships and Support:
The Mayor expressed his gratitude for the support received from Anytime Fitness and the Grand Pier, who helped turn this fundraising idea into a reality. Additionally, the Landing Light, the Old Manor Inn, and The Windsor Castle have generously offered to serve as water stations along the marathon route on 2nd March.

Update from Weston Foodbank:
Weston Foodbank continues to play a critical role in the community, especially during these challenging times of rising living costs. Demand for their services has surged, and volunteers work tirelessly to meet this increased need. A recent Channel 4 documentary highlighted the vital role Weston Foodbank plays, with one local individual in the documentary sharing that he had not eaten in days before turning to the foodbank for help.
Mayor Cllr Ciaran Cronnelly emphasised the importance of supporting Weston Foodbank, saying, “The foodbank is a lifeline for many residents. Without them, some people in Weston would go hungry. That’s why I’m running this marathon – to raise funds and ensure that our community members have access to the support they need.”

How to Donate:
Residents and supporters can contribute to the foodbank by visiting the donation page at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/MayorWsM. Every donation, no matter the size, makes a significant impact and helps combat food insecurity in Weston-super-Mare.
Balancing Personal Life and Commitment:
The Mayor acknowledged the challenges of fitting in marathon training with his responsibilities as Mayor and his full-time job. With most mayoral engagements occurring on weekends, his training has primarily taken place on Sundays. Additionally, personal commitments, including a delayed honeymoon and the Mayoress’s pregnancy, have added complexity to his training schedule. Nevertheless, he remains unwavering in his determination to complete the 26-mile marathon, even if it means crawling to the finish line.
For media inquiries or interview requests, please contact: Civic Officer-Rebecca Saunders rebecca.saunders@wsm-tc.gov.uk

About Weston Foodbank:
Weston Foodbank is a vital registered charity dedicated to alleviating hunger in the Weston-super-Mare community. In a time of rising living costs, the foodbank provides essential support and ensures that no one goes hungry.
About Mayor’s Marathon Around Weston:
The Mayor’s Marathon Around Weston is a community-driven initiative led by Cllr Ciaran Cronnelly to raise funds for Weston Foodbank. It represents the spirit of unity, resilience, and compassion that defines the Weston-super-Mare community.