Here you will find the transcripts for the videos embedded in the Weston Town Council website.

Weston Museum

Hello and welcome to Weston Museum.

Today we’re going to be going on a guided journey through our exhibitions and gallery spaces showing you how Weston has changed from prehistory to the town we know and love today.

The first stop on our journey is upstairs. Now, this is where we house all of our permanent collection. For those of you with mobility issues don’t worry we do have our new lift which is perfectly accessible to you all. So without further ado, let’s begin our journey.

Here in the living landscape gallery, you’ll be able to find out all of our Weston’s sea used to be warm and tropical. It was also filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures just like Ryan our Ichthyosaur or sea dragon.

Here in the tides of change gallery, you’ll be able to see artworks that show you how Weston developed from a small fishing village to the town that we know today. There’s even some artwork from some very famous artists.

The beside the sea gallery shows you how Weston has always been a thriving seaside town. It used to be known for its health-giving benefits or ‘air like wine’.

Funded by the national lottery heritage funds sharing heritage grant our community gallery allows local nonprofit community groups to display their stories objects and photographs and tell their stories of the people of Weston-super-Mare.

The William Mable gallery named after the museum’s founder houses temporary exhibitions put on by our partners at the Southwest Heritage Trust. Come and visit Clara’s cottage you’ll be transported back in time to the Victorian era.

Thank you for joining us at Weston Museum to keep up to date with all the latest information follow us on social media to explore our digital museum head to our website and click on the link digital museum. We’ll see you soon.

Haile Selassie

My name is Dr Shawn Naphtali Sobers, I’m a trustee of Fairfield house. I’ve been involved here for a long time. I got quite emotional, just seeing everyone here and the drumming, and you know, it’s just beautiful. Beyond our wildest dreams to get to this moment. I’m going to say some thank-yous as these days don’t just happen out of a vacuum. Becky Walsh, Malcolm Nicholson Weston Town Clerk, Cllr John Crockford-Hawley. These are people and dignitaries from Weston-super-Mare. This morning we put up a blue plaque in Weston-super-Mare and that was a beautiful occasion. His Majesty spent a lot of time in Weston-super-Mare. As you know he travelled to lots of places and whereever he went he was welcomed with open arms and affection. And what we know now is the Tropicana in Weston, His Majesty used to go there, to the open-air swimming pool. And relax and meditate. The story goes he was asked as an emperor to go straight in and jump the queue. He said “no, I’m a guest in your country and I follow the rules and the protocols in your country. I’ll stay in line like everyone else”. So Weston-super-Mare blessed up His Majesty, the Ethiopian legacy worldwide has a narrative that has its rightful place in the south-west.

Mayor Making Ceremony

My name’s Chris and I work in the Mayor’s office. My job is to ensure the smooth running that the majority during a year the Mayor’s office.

That means I’m responsible for organising all the civic events like remembrance service, civic service church service, the carol service and Christmas lights switch on and also all the events Mayor gets invited to if he accepts I make the arrangements.

I’m the Queen’s representative with the Mayor of Weston-super-Mare where I lead the Mayor and dignitaries into any civic service or any civic event through the year. There are only about 6 to 7 events in total, so it’s not exactly a full-time job.

Ladies and gentlemen would you please stand for the dignitaries.

Seriously, amongst Mark’s many qualities I’ll just highlight three. One – he is a hard worker. Two – he is fully committed and three is generous and convivial purpose. I hope so with that third one in the coming year.

Both he and Estelle – another ex-pupil of mine. Will hold officer, I know, with dignity and with more than a touch of fun and I hope with that great British sense of self-deprecation.

Mr Mayor, I happily second the motion Cllrs Mark Canniford becomes Mayor.

It means to me, supporting my town. It’s a lovely town it is too – and of course, being honoured by my fellow councillors who have decided that I

should do this role. I’ve been in Weston a long time and I’ve run businesses in the centre of town and on the outskirts and have been involved in local politics for some time now got into local politics simply because I didn’t like what was going on and I thought I would be one of those who tries to get in there and change it ended up now as Town Mayor.

Blakehay Theatre

Welcome to the Blakehay a theatre at home for arts culture in Weston-super-mare.

Housed in the stunning building designed by Hans Price in 1850 it was originally a Baptist Church. What I like about it, is the bars great it is very welcoming in 1986 the Blakehay was saved from demolition by the actions of Weston-super-Mare buildings trust run by the Civic Society. They converted the venue into your space for events and public meetings. I like the atmosphere, it’s not too big and yet everybody obviously enjoys themselves you can hear from peoples voice’s now.

Coming out for a nice afternoon. In September 2004 Weston Town Council purchased the 270 seat theatre and it is now leading the way for the diverse culture in Weston. Lovely I like the seating arrangement because you can always see the stage.

We have a whole range of events from theatrical dramas that shows dance classes musicals yoga classes cult films tours comedy you even have an art gallery space. I like that it’s been newly refurbished.

You can hire the main theatre and studio or the bar area for your own events the theatre is run by a small team supported by a fantastic cast of volunteers. We have a bright vision to the arts in Weston-super-Mare and we would love you to be a part of it.

Being a disabled person, I find difficult to go to places however it’s very easy to get into the theatre. They make everything possible to get into the right seat and everything.

I love that this theatre is here. They put films on, it’s not just stage shows. The Blakehay I would highly recommend.

Nation’s Toast to the Heroes of WW2

For those who gave so much, we thank you.

Unmentioned in Despatches by Peter Wyton.

Some of them never come home to fanfares, they dump their kit-bags down at the door, kiss their wives and let their children wrestle them down to the kitchen floor, switch the telly on, pour out a whiskey, search for the local football score. Some of them skip the quayside welcome, dodge the bunting and cannonade, make their landfall in silent harbours, nod to the coastguard, but evade the searchlight of public scrutiny like those engaged in the smuggling trade. Some of them land at lonely airfields far removed from the celebration, hang their flying gear in a locker, cadge a lift to the railway station, make for home and take for granted the short-lived thanks of a grateful nation. Some of them miss the royal salute, the victory parade along the Mall, the fly-past, the ships in formation passing the cheering crowds on the harbour wall. Remembered only by friends and relatives, some of them never come home at all.