It’s official: Our town has been accredited by the Fairtrade Foundation. This means bringing the farmer and shopper closer together – and putting people at the heart of trade. 

Becoming a Fairtrade Town sends a powerful message about how we want retail to work and some of the world’s poorest farmers and workers will directly benefit through increasing awareness and sales of Fairtrade goods. Weston is committed to being an eco-friendly, ethical & sustainable town.

A Fairtrade Town is any community that:

Supports ethical trade – and deepens understanding of the benefits Fairtrade brings

Takes action by choosing Fairtrade products whenever possible – and encourages others to do likewise

Fairtrade supporters across the country have joined together to make their town, city, village, island, borough, county, zone, district or region a Fairtrade Town and to make a commitment to supporting Fairtrade and using licensed products with the FAIRTRADE Mark.

We have chosen to join together with Winscombe & Sandford, Portishead, Pill, Wells, Cheddar, Glastonbury, Bristol and many other local communities to make a real difference and provide hope. 

Should you wish to find out more – or to help the Fairtrade Weston Campaign to grow – then please contact Pete McAleer: