Weston Town Council is delighted to share the results of the recent Christmas lights survey, reflecting the community’s ideas for the festive season. With 157 residents participating, the survey highlights the importance of Christmas lights to the town.

Key Findings:
– Christmas lights are a significant part of the festive experience, receiving an average importance rating of 8.3 out of 10.
– Traditional light displays are a favourite, chosen by 72.15% of respondents, with modern styles also gaining 27.85% support.
– Popular colour schemes include multi-coloured, white, and seaside-themed colours.
– A remarkable 94.9% of participants emphasise the need for energy-efficient and eco-friendly lights.
– The community expressed a strong interest in interactive and animated displays, with over 60% in favour.
– Desired events at the light switch-on include fireworks, a Christmas market, and concerts.
– Incorporating local artwork and community involvement is important to 71.53% of respondents.
– The public Christmas tree remains a cherished tradition, with 87.33% affirming its significance.

The survey also revealed a preference for real trees over artificial ones and a desire to maintain traditional locations for displays, such as the Italian Gardens. However, some adjustments, like reducing the wind impact on the tree, were suggested.

Weston Town Council recognises the community’s desire to balance tradition with modern and interactive elements. This feedback will be instrumental in planning an inclusive and engaging festive season. The Council is committed to fostering community spirit and will incorporate these valuable insights into the upcoming Christmas lights display.
In the coming months a procurement process to find a suitable supplier for the Christmas lights will start. This process will ensure that the chosen displays align with the community’s preferences for eco-friendly and visually stunning arrangements.

Weston Town Council thanks everyone who participated in the survey for more updates please see their social media, local news, the Council’s website, and newsletter.