Weston Town Council releases a film about work achieved in the last financial year.

In order to demonstrate the work achieved on the Town Council strategy for the past year, an evaluation was carried out by the Development Officer, supported by the Deputy Town Clerk and Communications and Marketing Officer. 

All minutes from meetings of the council from the last year were analysed, and all resolutions/recommendations relating to actions on the strategy were extrapolated. 

From this evaluation a film script was put together in order to create an engaging film to let the public know of the work that has been carried out by the town council in the past year. 

Local film maker Farhath Siddiqui then put the visual film behind the script presented by various Town Council officers. The film also includes highlights from the past year from the grounds team, Weston Museum, Blakehay Theatre and the Visitor information centre introducing Jane Murch who is taking over from Caroline Darlington in the role of Tourism Manager. Weston Town Council welcomes Jane and wishes Caroline all the best for the future. 

Weston-super-Mare Town Council initially adopted its 10-year strategy in September 2020. This was amended and later agreed upon at the meeting of the Town Council in March 2021.

This is the second film of its kind with a previous  film having been presented at the end of the financial year  March 2022.