Weston Town Council proudly announces its support for the Donate For Defib Weston-super-Mare Project, granting £1,700 to aid their mission of making public accessible defibrillators widely available across the town.

The initiative, led by Mr. Josh Bell and Mr. Tom Farrand who both went to Hans Price Academy and are best friends was born out of a community-driven need for publicly accessible defibrillators. The project has already made strides in installing defibrillators at key locations, including Weston-super-Mare Social Club, Sweeney Todd’s Barber Shop, The Regency Pub, The Waverly Pub, and George & Dragon Pub, (X2) Weston-super-Mare Golf Course, 49 Social Club, The Big Worle Hub and lots more in the pipeline…

The pair known by the Weston Mercury as the ‘Dynamic Duo’ couldn’t do it without the fantastic individuals that work with them as part of the Senior Management Team, they have set up a team where all roles are included, right through from Secretary Roles, Volunteering Roles, and even a Project Clinical Lead Ambassador, Professor Graham Stuart, a Consultant Cardiologist at Bristol Children’s Hospital & Bristol Heart Institute and was even Josh’s former Consultant Cardiologist 23 years ago and saved his life!

The main goal is to have defibrillators within a 3-minute walk from any location, ensuring quick accessibility in case of a cardiac emergency. Each defibrillator, costing £1,705, covers installation, training, public liability insurance, and registration within the local community.

Recent fundraising events, including a successful Race Night at The Regency Pub, have contributed to the project’s success. The team plans additional events, such as a Bingo/Raffle/Auction Night at The 49 Club on December 2nd, another event at the Weston-Super-Mare Social Club on December 6th, and a Christmas Quiz Night at The Regency Pub on December 17th.

The Donate For Defib team encourages venue owners interested in purchasing defibrillators to contact them directly. The project also urges existing defibrillator owners to register on the ‘Circuit,’ a public-accessible website detailing defibrillator locations. Electrical companies like AMS Electrical Services & Aardvark AVO Electricans sponsor the project to enable all defibrillators to be installed as soon as possible so a service to the public can be given immediately which is paramount in the event of a Cardiac Arrest.

Upcoming events can be viewed on their Facebook Page and Website, lot of fundraising activities and events will be occurring in the upcoming months, so stay tuned!

Exciting future developments include a potential 2024 calendar featuring sponsors and ongoing efforts to expand the Senior Management Team. Those interested in supporting or volunteering can contact the project at donatefordefib.wsm@gmail.com.

The Donate For Defib Project expresses gratitude for community support, emphasizing that every contribution aids in saving lives during critical moments. For inquiries and collaboration please email donatefordefib.wsm@gmail.com or call 07749036032.

Weston Town Council looks forward to a heart-safe community through its partnership with the Donate For Defib Weston-super-Mare Project.