Weston Town Council has signed up to the ‘Charter for Trees, Woods and People’, reaffirming its commitment in its strategy to make Weston-super-Mare cleaner and greener.

Trees are the lungs of our planet, they enhance everyone’s quality of life: they support wildlife, do a great deal to combat climate change and add beauty to towns, villages and countryside.

The Tree Charter was initiated in 2015 by the Woodland Trust in response to the crisis facing trees and woods in the UK. By joining the council is re-affirming its commitment to plant trees as a part of their strategy to combat the climate crisis and increase canopy cover and the number of trees in the town.

 “Across our natural sites such as Milton Road Cemetery and Ellenborough park, our grounds team have been working to slow down climate change, reverse biodiversity loss, provide essential eco-systems and improve the long-term resilience of the environment. By joining the Tree charter, we are able to do more to support the over 900 trees we currently manage and play our part to do more across the area.”. Said Town Clerk Malcolm Nicolson. 

Cllr Helen Thornton Chair of climate change working group say’s “Signing up to the Woodland Trust’s Charter for Trees, Woodlands and People gives us the basis on which to create a Tree Forum, which will promote engagement with trees and planting initiatives, in the town, and help us meet our climate crisis targets while promoting the renewal and enhancement of our natural environment.”

Weston Town Council plan to plant at least 10,000 trees by 2023 and is creating bee-friendly areas in all neighbourhoods. It is hoped a tree forum will be created with the Civic Society to work alongside the public and other partners to work together is the conservation and planting of trees.