November 19th we were going to be speaking to Fi Radford as part of our climate change commitment interviews. Sadly the same week she passed away after a short illness. As a tribute to Fi’s fantastic work, we are sharing her talk from TEDx Bristol. If anyone wishes to give in her memory her charity of choice is Avon Needs Trees.  If you’d like to contribute to our local rewilding mission, give some seeds as a Christmas gift, again, Fi would be delighted I’m sure.

Fi Radford is a TEDx Bristol speaker passionate environmental campaigner. For the ten years, she has worked alongside Friends of the Earth, Greenpeace, and Grandparents for a Safe Earth.

In 2019 she was beginning to despair Fi described “As an older person (72) my time is getting shorter and so is the planet’s if thousands of eminent scientists are to be believed something must be done”.

Fi Radford joined extinction rebellion and did something she has never done before, she got arrested! Fi will share her inspirational story that it doesn’t matter what your situation in life, there is so much you can do… without being arrested by the police!

For people of her generation, Fi wants to share that there is still time to take action and in so doing you come alive, can use your skills honed over many years, feel part of vital and necessary action and ‘preserve the precious compact between the generations’.