If you have been in the High Street recently you might have noticed some new benches springing up. 

Weston Town Council was successful in applying for a ‘Welcome Back Fund’ from the Government and has put in some new benches on the High Street. The Government fund had to be used on the High Street to welcome people back following the Covid pandemic lockdowns. Due to delays in materials and a worldwide shortage of particular items we have been waiting a while for these benches. 

The benches will replace existing benches, which will be restored and where possible put in new locations around the town.

The new benches are a mixture of backless and backed benches. They will be installed jointly by Weston Town Council and North Somerset Council.

In the coming months, new bins will also replace existing ones.

Town Clerk Malcolm Nicholson said: The High Street isn’t only a place to shop, it’s a place to meet friends and enjoy life. We are delighted to provide the Street furniture to give the High Street a welcoming feel.

Mark Canniford, Executive Member for Placemaking and Economy at North Somerset Council said: “The new benches on the high street are a small addition that make a big difference to the look and feel of the high street. This is another great example of partners working together to achieve something that benefits the local community.”