A brand new ‘We Are Super Weston’ podcast is launching today, Wednesday, 24 May 2023 and is available to download for free on Apple, Spotify and all podcast platforms.

The podcast launch will also feature a video showcasing culture in the town.  Find out more at https://superweston.net/news/.

The series of podcasts will shine a spotlight on all that is super about Weston-super-Mare through conversations with dynamic people who live and work there.

This is part of a marketing initiative funded by North Somerset Council; Weston-super-Mare Town Council; Weston Business Improvement District and The Grand Pier for the Weston Place Agency, a group of local placemaking partners.  The project supports the ten-year Super Weston Placemaking strategy to help Weston to become a greener, healthier, and more prosperous place to live.  

The podcast is hosted by Becky Walsh, former radio show host, comedian, and life coach, who returned to living in Weston five years ago.  Every two weeks, Becky will chat with movers and shakers who are doing great things in Weston.  

From award-winning creatives to food-tech manufacturers, the podcasts uncover stories of life in Weston, including some of the inspirational people who have created successful local businesses, and those who bring excitement and innovation through new projects, events, and culinary delights. Guests also share what they love about the town and the surrounding area. 

Head of Marketing for the Weston Place Agency, Kelly Ballard said: 

“We are excited to launch this new, creative initiative. Podcasts are growing in popularity and offer exciting potential to reach new people who might consider living, building businesses, investing, or visiting Weston. 

The community based around the magnificent stretch of coastline is thriving, which is why people are relocating in their droves.  

Alongside the podcasts, a series of videos are also being created that bring to life some of the featured conversations.  The first video, released today, features Fiona Matthews, Artistic Director of Culture Weston and Paula Birtwhistle, Senior Producer at Culture Weston. 

By sharing interesting local stories in podcasts and videos, we are promoting the town in a different way, uncovering and sharing some of the hidden gems which only local people know about.”

Angela Hicks, Chair of Weston Place Agency said:

Whether you are a first-time visitor, a long-time resident or a new investor we hope this new podcast series will inspire you to see our charming, well-connected and vibrant coastal town with a fresh pair of eyes. Through lively conversation with the people that know this haven of a place best, the podcasts will paint a vivid picture of Weston’s thriving community spirit, captivating cultural scene, business life and uncover the town’s best-kept secrets. It’s time to experience Weston-super-Mare like never before!”

New episodes of the podcast will be released fortnightly, with listeners treated to a feast of three podcasts to mark the launch of the initiative. 

  • Episode 1. Fiona Matthews and Tom Newman of Culture Weston discuss Weston’s cultural renaissance which brings communities together for regeneration.
  • Episode 2. Sam Walker, owner of 115-year-old department store Walker & Ling, discusses reinvigoration of business success on the high street.  
  • Episode 3. Angela Hicks of The Hive and Clair Haycraft of Haycraft Creative, talk about The Hive’s business services for SMEs and the creative growth of Haycraft Creative.  

The podcast is available to download for free on all the usual podcast channels, including Apple and Spotify.  Listeners are encouraged to tell us what they think and make suggestions for future themes on the Super Weston Instagram and LinkedIn channels. 

For more information about Super Weston, the ‘We are Super Weston’ podcast and the Weston Place Agency visit www.superweston.net   

Direct link to the podcast: https://superweston.buzzsprout.com 

Instagram at @superwestonmare.   

LinkedIn @superweston

Link to the video: https://superweston.net/post/podcast-featuring-culture-weston/