North Somerset Council are asking for your views on a scheme which is a review of parking restrictions in Weston-s-Mare. Lots of areas have been identified for amendment which could be a relaxing of the restrictions or implementing of new restrictions. Changes are being proposed in Worle, Milton, Weston and Uphill.

This link will take people to a page on North Somerset Councils website which displays all the details, there you will find a Draft Order, a Notice of Intent, a Statement of the Councils reasons for implementing the restrictions and plans of the changes. If it’s a bit hard to find this is the document.

It is advised to look at the notice of Intent and find the road that is of interest, there is a brief description of the proposal and a plan reference number, make a note of this number then scroll down to the plan, if there are two plans they will show the existing restrictions and the proposed changes if there is only one plan then there are no existing restrictions.

If you would like to make comments either to support or object or simply would like more information please email