Our Mayor Cllr Sonia Russe spent most of her life as a single parent and working Mum. This is why in her role as Mayor she is passionate about the well-being of children.

One of her first experiences in Weston having moved here from Bristol was as a Mentor for challenged teenagers. She mentored a young man in Weston for over a year and served for several years as a school Governor at the Oldmixon and Castle Batch Primary Schools. 

This passion is continued as in the last three months as Mayor she has:

• Done regular work with Weston Sea Cadets indeed promoting all Cadet groups in Weston​ 

• Visited Weston College on multiple occasions to support the Campus at Loxton and greater Inclusion of Girls in Technology

• Opened the first Squirrel Scout group in Hutton

• Re-opened Weston Bay specialists centre for young people with Autism

• Met the Oppitts junior drama and music and watched ‘Matilda’ at The Blakehay Theatre

• Supported Liam Shepherds Foundation with multiple causes

• Took part in Action Pussy Cat Party for youngsters party in Ashcombe Park

• Visited the end of year Year 6 drama at Windwhistle School

• Activities for young children in Millennium Green organised by social housing providers  

The Mayor has also chosen a CIC to support in her time as Mayor. North Somerset Parent Carers Working Together is the local parent carer forum for North Somerset, supporting parent carers of children between the ages of 0-25 that have an emerging need, additional need and/or disability.

Building an inclusive community in Weston-super-Mare and North Somerset. 

The Mayor is also excited to support Weston Town Councils admissions to turn Castle Batch in Worle into a world-class SEN play area. 

If you are from a children’s community group or would like the Mayor to help raise awareness about your event, please contact Town Mayor’s Civic Officer rebecca.saunders@wsm-tc.gov.uk