Steve Clark is a Chartered Forester and arboricultural consultant who manages trees and open spaces in urban and rural settings. He provides advice on all aspects of tree care and management for private landowners and local authorities including the protection of trees, trees in relation to development and the creation and planting of tree collections. There is an increasing focus on maintaining a safe relationship between the trees, their immediate environment and the general public.

Weston Town Council Climate Change Working Group has the target of taking WSMTC to Carbon Neutrality by 2030. Part of their approach to the climate crisis is to value the trees that they manage and to plant a further 10,000 trees to increase carbon sequestration and biodiversity in Weston-super-Mare. Within the Grounds Department, we started by talking about increasing the tree stock, but very quickly we broadened our approach to improving the levels of biodiversity on our sites. The first step in this was to reduce the grass cutting in Milton Road Cemetery, which had spectacular and unexpected results.