Today (Wednesday 11th January) Mayor Sonia Russe put a spade in the ground to mark the start of the work at Castle Batch Park in Worle to create an inclusive SEN play area.

Castle Batch has been identified as an ideal site for this specialist play area due to its level access, bus routes and dedicated access to parking on site which makes this a fantastic place for a SEN Park. 

In order to get this project to fruition the council has undertaken an extensive consultation exercise with the local community to understand the need. There was an overwhelming response and demonstrable passion from people who don’t have access to the right kind of play equipment for their children’s learning and enjoyment needs. 

The closest dedicate SEN park to residents within Weston super Mare is at Kingston Seymour which is 13 miles away and a 25-minute car journey. 

Some of the comments, received from the consultation process: 

‘My kids love coming to this park but definitely need more things here, will be very welcomed by our community’.

‘This would make a huge difference to local children. At present the only accessible park is a long drive away which isn’t always practical. It is important for all children to exercise in a fun way but children with additional needs, some of them can’t manage physically or emotionally to play team games such as football or tennis have few safe fun places to help them to improve their mobility and self-confidence’.

‘Having Sen and regular equipment alongside each other is great, especially for mixed-ability families. Anything wheelchair accessible is really appreciated particularly for older children who cannot easily be lifted. Thank you so much for investigating some inclusive options’.

‘This would be so beneficial for my wheelchair-bound daughter we never get to go to the park and use the equipment it would be lovely to have this opportunity so she can be involved in a normal part of child play’.       

During the redevelopment, the play area will be shut and barriers will be erected on all sides as it will be a working site. Deliveries may cause minor disruptions to the car park in the first week and at other times during the construction period.

Unfortunately, at this time there will be no play allowed. Play equipment is being replaced and upgraded so this makes access within the fenced barrier perimeter of the current play area strictly prohibited. The rest of the open space at Castle Batch will still be accessible for your enjoyment.

It is envisaged that this exciting new play space will be back open in the Spring following the completion of works. 

If you would like to discuss our plans or have any concerns, please contact us via email: