The Mayor is hosting a nautical-themed evening which will turn Weston Museum into a cruise ship for the night. 

If you have never taken a cruise, here’s your chance to be invited by the captain of the ship Mayor Sonia Russe to a black-tie captain’s cocktails fundraising evening. 

All aboard is at 6.00pm with Sail away at 6.30pm on 25th February. You will be treated to Ocean themed canapés, cocktails, live music from Steepholmers and Martin Muoneke, and Strictly fun dancing partners James Fraser and Zoe Hornzee.

Dress in your finest evening wear but please no stiletto shoes to protect the Museums floor.

The Mayor normally holds an annual ball, however, in this challenging time, she wanted to raise as much money for charity whilst making the tickets affordable for this intermit event.


Upon The Sea