After receiving government guidelines on the reopening of play areas. We have decided to delay the reopening of our Play Areas. The safety of the public and our staff will always be our priority.

It has been recognised that adherence to social distancing between individuals and households can be particularly difficult in a playground setting, as well as limiting the transmission of COVID from touchpoints on the equipment. We have spoken to our Health and Safety representative and our insurance company as well as other organisations facing the same concerns surrounding reopening play areas. Weston Town Council look after 21 play areas. We need to ensure all can be monitored and cleaned to the same standard to meet government guidelines that are needed throughout COVID once reopened to the public. Until this can be achieved, we will be keeping our play areas closed.

Weston Town Council understands the importance of play and is working to have our play areas open as soon as possible, whilst ensuring the safety of all who use them.